Rudy 1920

Rudy Profumi has been producing Eau de Cologne for over 100 years. Fashions pass but this fresh and regenerating water does not need to change to follow trends, because it is always the most desired. The recipe, which is the original one, a mix of olfactory notes, where floral, citrus and musky, gives the senses total well-being.
The secret is to indulge in the sweet sensation that Rudy’s Eau de Cologne manages to convey thanks to the strength of the elements expertly blended.
Revitalizes and refreshes the skin as only a toning water like this can do.
The refined pack with a vintage flavor recalls an aroma lost in time, looking for its own space in the modern era, adapting to the most varied uses such as perfume, aftershave and why not, used to flavor the water in the bathtub.
The Classic note is characterized by a riot of fresh and sparkling citrus scents, the Lavender variant, with an ancient but always current flavor that recalls summer and sunny fields, the elegant and refined Musk note thanks to hints of light woods and white musks.
The excellent quality of the ingredients and essential oils makes it a precious ally in the care and maintenance of the body’s well-being. Upon opening the elegant bottle, you immediately feel a fragrance that refers to past times and sweet summer days.
The ancient aroma manages to kidnap even those who do not like classic fragrances thanks to its freshness and unique blend, capable of producing a beneficial effect on the body and mind.

Rudy 1920 Eau de cologne fragrance Classic
Rudy 1920 Eau de cologne fragrance Lavender
Rudy 1920 Eau de cologne fragrance musk
Rudy 1920- Classic
Rudy 1920- Lavender
White Musk-col Rudy 1920