Rudy Profumi su EM Export Magazine
"How to combine art and the tradition of perfumery and original concepts"
n°6 bimestrale 2022
Rudy Profumi compare su EM con un'intervista a Cristina Calabrese, Product e Project Manager di Rudy Profumi.
Rudy Profumi on Silhouette Donna
"Profumi di Mediterraneo"
n°8 Monthly 1 August 2022
Rudy Profumi appears on Silhoutte Donna with 500mL liquid hand soap from the Fiori d'Arancio di Sicilia line.
Rudy Profumi on Confidenze
"Note del bosco"
n°27 Weekly 5 July 2022
Rudy Profumi appears on Confidenze with the Moisturizing Body Cream from the Italian Olive Oil line.
Rudy Profumi on F
"Viaggio in Sicilia"
n°26 weekly 07.05.2022
Rudy Profumi appears on F with the Shower Gel from the Sicilian Orange Flower Majolica line.
Rudy Profumi on Pambianco
"Rudy Profumi closes 2021 at + 30%"
n°1 February-March 2022
Rudy Profumi strengthens its presence abroad and closes 2021 with a growth in turnover of 30% compared to the previous year.