Bagnoschiuma delicato limoni
<b>Delicate bath and shower gel 700 mL</b></br><i>Sicilian Lemon range</i>

Delicate bath and shower gel 700 mL
Sicilian Lemon range

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A delicate, Sicilian lemon-scented bath foam - a daily treat for the whole body. A warm shower releases scented oils inspired by Sicilian Lemon, enveloping your body in an energy-boosting beauty ritual. The rich formula of Sicilian lemon delicate bath and shower gel will leave your skin delightfully scented, soft and silky.

How to use:
In the bath: pour the gel into the bath under running water. Make sure you pour it under running water as this will help it to foam.

In the shower: apply a small amount of the product directly to wet skin or on a sponge and massage gently with circular movements. Rise with warm water. Pat your skin dry without rubbing.

Fragrance note:
Citrus: Citron, Bergamot and Lemon Peel

Head: Bergamot, Lemon Peel and Grapefruit
Heart: Verbena, Jasmine, White Rose and Tomato leaves
Base: Cedar Wood, White Musk, Sandalwood and Vetiver.

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